a BIG thank you

I refuse to go into our creepy woodshed anymore, four words some it up, big animal nest found!
Thank you mama carol and good ole hud for letting us use some of your coveted wood pile, you saved me from multiple diseases that come from mice that inhabited this wood shed for decades. Diseases I can’t even pronounce. I took a trip to the see the amazing hunger games and visited my wonderful friend nurse kristin and she informed me of a disease these creatures carry that breathing in can get you really sick. So that is it! It wasn’t so bad in the front of the shed but it got creepier and creepier! Thank you thank you, you have done a good deed in potentially saving my life so the favor will be returned come fall when we will help replenish your stock pile!!
Doesn’t the wood look so good stacked up nicely, ready to burn, to heat me and my monkey’s toes and buns!

double stacked

I like this stack here

This life in the trees, just the simplest thing brings a smile to my face, and two big stock piles of wood creates a big one!!

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