This doesn’t really go under architecture per say, however it is the architecture come to life, I guess.
I love to decorate, pick out colors, tile, wall decorations accent pieces and see it come together. This upstairs bath is almost complete I need a few more touches like some towel hooks (not a fan of towel bars) and a little bit something more on the walls (I can’t just run to my local tjmaxx here) but I wanted to post the vanity and cabinets. I have been waiting to post a few of my room since they are not all the way completed, and with the stress of building and moving (which we finally got our other house cleared out) I haven’t had the energy. So here is one of my bathrooms.

blue bathroom

I had originally bought (from west elm, one of my favorite store) these mirrors for a whole other bathroom completely but it did not turn out as planned, they weren’t as my mind pictured. So as I do with most things that don’t turn out how I plan, I sit them somewhere until I figure out another place for them.
I move them to this vanity. My original plan was to use oval swivel mirrors, however, when I placed these here I bagged the swivel idea and wondered why I ever wanted those in the first place. I love these mirrors here and I love them placed right on top of the counter and not hung on the wall.
I need to tie the black and gold from the mirror to another part of the room to balance it out. On the opposite wall I hung my quick and latest project (see art).

robin egg blue cabinets

This bathroom makes me smile every time I go into it. I love the robin egg cabinets and even though when I did a second coat of the wall color and totally used the wrong blue and ended up having to do another coat of the wrong paint, I actually like the wrong paint color better than the original and it looks better with the robin eggs cabinets. These mirrors are gold leaf with black and the faucets are chrome and maybe at one time that was not proper (when have I ever followed proper) I say do what you like and I like! Mix it up, I am known to my lumber jake to say that everything doesn’t have to be matchy matchy.

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