so nice.

the latimer crate

Back in the day, a time that was a tad bit stressful, when our house was being construction with beams, hardy board, nails (when it wasn’t -30 degrees that is brrr) and subfloor, etc. I came up one day to have a look around. I passed our coolest framer carrying a wooden crate holding all his tools. I think old things are so cool and I told him so. He said it was an old crate to hold oranges. I told him I was going to find me one. And that was that. I searched but my internet findings were unsuccessful. So time went on. We got drywall, electrical, siding, roofing, flooring, tile and more tile, paint and cabinets. We were enjoying our time having our house semi completed. Then on day our coolest framer was coming up to visit along with his equally as cool wife, to check out the house, eat food and chat. And what did he bring? That latimer crate I was eyeing, filled with goodies as a house warming gift! I was so surprised he remembered, and was touched by his thoughtfulness and that is one of the reasons why he is the coolest framer! So nice! So now it sets in my front entry holding boots I wear to gather firewood. Love it!

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