rough day


This day was a rough day for monkey #5. Here is how it went.
I sit her down to watch sesame street while I get the dinner ready. She is happily watching Elmo, who is very much entertaining because when I went over to call her to dinner she was entranced, eyes affixed to the TV. I said to come eat dinner and then she looked right at me and burst into screaming and tears. I ran over to her wondering what that was all about searching her. I found a dark purple finger wrapped around a ribbon tied to her special bunny. The indentations were deep and I was scared, but after five minutes it returned to normal color. Phew!
After dinner I heard her cry a bit as she played with monkey #3 up stairs. They came running down and I saw this (picture above). She was jumping on the bed, fell over on the rail and luckily didn’t broke her nose. It was a sad sight. We put a cold cloth on it and watched for it to turn black, which it never did, but it looked like her nose was shoved into her eyes. There is much to be said about that story of “no more monkey’s jumping on the bed.”

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