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I am not much of a canner, my first attempt at it was jam. It did not turn out to be a good experience. I put cornstarch when it called for corn syrup and I forgot to put the lemon juice in it. Have I mentioned my brain goes a mile a minute? This is my excuse. Well I intend to learn this year. Living in the trees and enjoying the simple life and all, it would seem uncharacteristic not to do so. But until then I have put the jars to good use and I love it! I am glad to find other uses for all the jars, so my guilt at them sitting on dusty shelves is eased.

I always try to find new ways to display things and find new purposes for items. So here is the new way I found to use my mason jars, and the older the better. The imperial jar that houses my toothbrushes is old fashion and I love it. A lady down the road has gallon sized jars!! I wanna get a hold of some of those babies, they were so cool! Just think of how many Lindt chocolate peanut butter balls that would hold!

store your goodies

store your toiletries

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