holy cow!!

is that a whole cow?

There is a restaurant here in our new town that serves up the burgers huge! This was not the case where the patty slides down from the bun, it was just that large and if you know me you know why this is disturbing.
I realized, really actually deep down thought of, at the old age of 34 (late in the game, I know) where meat comes from. It is muscle, from the animal. Now I know all of you realize this at the age of kindergarten when you ask your mom where this meat comes from, however I must not have had that conversation. I know animals are here on the earth for our nutrition and enjoyment (sparingly) but after this realization, something clicked in my brain at that moment over a year ago and well I don’t even have the desire to eat muscle.
I ran the ragnar race in 2011 and trained and trained and then ran and ran. The last leg of my race I thought I was going to pass out. Hot, noon day without any sleep and hardly any support for water. I had a much needed girl, who didn’t “kill” me, but help me run it to the finish, and after the race, when I swore I wouldn’t do it again, I wanted a ham sandwich, wanted it mouth watering like I haven’t wanted anything for a long time. I didn’t get that ham sandwich, they weren’t just handing them out at the finish line. Ever since that race I have been able to down a few white meat items, since my body does need it, but the red muscle, I just can’t do and my husband, every time I go out of town he goes and gets a burger and sees to it my kids get one too. He sent me this to make my day (cringe). :)

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