a few more things finished

We can now go down the stairs without the worry of the metal cutting mine and my monkey’s fingers and we race down the stairs!

hand rail...check

We had a big chunk of wood made to wrap around the metal and screwed it underneath. The color and size turned out to our liking!


We put in a drinking fountain in our laundry room hoping our kids would drink up more h2o since our two younger monkey’s may have a big resemblance to a juice addiction. It is so nice to have, although rather loud.
I told plumber man that I wanted a white old school porcelain wall hanging device, but he talked us into one that cools that water. It looks like the ones at church, not the exact look I was going for, however it is nice to have the water cool, even if it does sound like a small plane about to take off. Well that may be a slight exaggeration, but not much.

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