my back stairs

backhall stairs

backhall stairs

I wanted my kids to feel loved when they leave home and when they come back home, and since they come and go in the back hall (through the garage and into the suspended hallway) I wanted to have the stairs there about family. Each step (I couldn’t get monkey #1′s stair in the picture, but it is there in lime green) is dedicated to our monkey’s. Their hand print and all there nick names we call them. On the largest stair I wanted a lot of words filling it so I put common phrases we all say. And of coarse monkey #5 got her own saying on the next step up of “Foudut”. Which if you want to know the story of that go to the blog post entitled foudut.

suspended hallway stairs

These are the two very long stairs going into the garage lumber Jake had the idea of all our feet prints biggest to smallest. I love to see the feet prints!
Then we have a little reminder of all the Be’s that are important when we leave the house. I enjoy looking at the bright colors, the words that make us laugh and the cute hand and feet print that make up our family.
These stairs get used a lot and with dirty shoes and wet boots, so they are getting more wear that will need a heavier finish, but that could come another day. These stairs make me happy.

ps lumber jake asked me the other day if I would like to start to putting some color on our walls yet….surprisingly no, I’m good… for now. Ask me again in a few months.

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