pencil drawing

monkey #1

I used to draw people a lot. I love drawing people, it was my concentration in AP Art in high school. I love drawing the eyes the most, and the nose the least. This is my monkey #1 at 4 years old. When drawing kids, it is better to wait until they are 4 years old or older since they look more like they will be as adults.
Monkey #2, I drew when she was 8 months old and you can tell a difference between the two, I think, when they are younger it make is hard to tell who it is.

monkey #2

I want to draw all my kids and when I have the time I will and either give it to them or put them in my house. I drew these pictures for a christmas present one year and I don’t think they are old enough to appreciate them yet, so for now I will wait to give it to them. I need different mats and frames for them maybe a darker mat to have it stand out. But back in the day when you are newly married the money is just not available, these are cheap frames and one day I will replace them.

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