living in wyoming

I went out to take my older monkey’s to school yesterday morning and look out to the snow for the 4th day in a row and said, “It is snowing again?!” a little bit irritated since we hadn’t had a blue sky for multiple days, which helps me maintain my happy cheery attitude concerning the amount of snow we get here. My 13 year old monkey says to me, matter of factly, “well, mom, we do live in Wyoming.”


Well, yes, my observant teenage monkey, we do! And I have noticed since we do live in Wyoming I may need to abide by a new commandment, which I never though would ever be a part of my vocabulary until now living in the trees and amongst all this snow – thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wood pile.


Our wood pile is diminishing and we still have more months of snow to come. Our creepy wood shed that saved our bacon is diminishing and to look at this wood pile my mouth waters! Next year we are starting in July to stock pile our supply!
I love a rip roaring fire to cuddle up on a cozy couch reading a good book so I can enjoy the snow in the warmth of my own home is priceless. Well the ambiance of it is kinda nice too ;) .

Lucky for me today is blue skies and sunny!

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