My entry way


We wanted a wall for an abstract art piece to go in our entryway so we bumped out a wall at an angle to make the art piece stand out. This is a piece I currently had and it will be up until the final one is completed which might be awhile since I haven’t even started it yet. All I know is I want bold colors.
It is hard when both the home owners have a vision of what an outcome of a room should be and this wall was viewed differently in our minds. I wanted the pop out wall to be a bright color with a white abstract painting and hubby wanted it white (like a art gallery) with a bold colored abstract. So I will appease him, for now, and sometime in the future I will get my vision. Compromise is a great thing!
This is what you see when you first walk in the door.



I love the windows here! It makes it bright and cheery.
I love things old and vintage to mix with new and modern, and this piece of furniture I fell in love with and looks both modern and old. It rolls to wear ever you want, which is good because next month I will most likely roll it to another place in my house. That is just how I roll (ha, pun intended)! Maybe I should be in therapy for that! But for now I am happy with it here.
Lumber Jake makes fun of me that I have an interest in owls these days, he calls me a grandma…do grandma’s like owls? I love these furry creatures I found in Jackson Hole and they make me smile every time I see them. And I always have sticks adorning my house just for such creatures.

entry floor

We did the entry floor ourselves, because we couldn’t get anyone to get back with us to have it professionally done (how surprising a?). That is the story of this house. We tackled it ourselves and had a bit of a struggle with the thin concrete stuff we used. It is a concrete mix in a bag and sets super fast. So it was rough and uneven. Then miss monkey #5 decided she was going to be like mommy and paint and dumped half a can of bright blue paint on the concrete. Luckily we wanted to do a thin coating over top to get the roughness out. After we did that we hand sanded it down to make it smooth. We got two colors of concrete stain and thank goodness for that because I love the mix of the two colors together. One color was grey and it didn’t look so good, so I went back with two coats of brown. The blending of the two colors gave it dimension and we are satisfied! Although it was a high maintenance job!

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