a little this…a little that.

Life in the trees the past few days has been cold. 5 degrees cold in the morning dropping the monkey’s off to the bus. I have notice though we are 10 degrees warmer up in the trees than down in town. It hasn’t seemed to bother me. I have plenty to do and a good book to read when I take a break so no complaints.

laundry shoot upstairs

I have a not so fancy laundry shot to make my laundry easier. All the girl monkey’s sleep upstairs so we cut out a whole in a closet upstairs to throw their laundry down.

laundry shoot basket

It comes down into this big basket (which I love) it is big and industrial (at wayfair.com) and has wheels so I can roll it over to my laundry room. It makes my job of launderer so much easier!

more pickle wood done

To get our house to close with the bank we finished the ceiling of our deck outside. The railing isn’t done but the ceiling is (go figure).
I am pretty sure we bought all the pickle wood they had in Blackfoot, ID. or it seems to multiple by just sitting there, we have a lot of it! With all the pickle wood we have put up we still have a large stack still. It’s a good thing I love it!!

creepy wood shed

Did you know that mice burrow into wood? Well I do and this creepy wood shed is how I have come to know this little fact. I am thankful to have this creepy wood shed full of wood that is probably older than me, our stack from this fall is dwindling fast.
My vivid imagination doesn’t help my situation and the fact we watch the show “Bones” doesn’t help. When I take a log of wood from the pile I wonder if I will find a bone laying there or a skull that I will have to investigate further and reveal some 10 year old mystery.
I was getting wood other day, in day light, yes, because no way do I go out there at night, I found a large piece of wood hollowed out and shavings all over and the remains of a mouse. Ewe. I have started getting wood now from the other side of the shed.

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