I won’t get use to this…

No matter what my hubby says…I will not get used to the crashing sound of the snow falling off the top roof crashing down on the lower. It sounds like a piece of our house is being bulldozed.

snow buildup

The snow builds up with all the storms we have had and each day slides a bit more…

big over hangs

the edge slides slowly and develops big long icicles weighing it down…

over hang droppings

and then falls down on the lower roofs, making a crashing sound so loud I jump, have to restart my heart, and then go change my pants.

I don’t mind all the snow, but am told this is a mild winter! It has been warmer than most winters. Apparently January months are all in negative temps and this year it has been in the 20′s during they day. So it is a trick, this weather, so that I won’t mind the winters here my first year and then next year it will hit hard, laughing at me.

The blue skies help with winter here. The inversion from cache valley tended to make me a little bit depressed, plus the brown dirty grass and roads for months took it’s toll as well. I would take the blue skies and snow. It might be a different story next year, since mother nature may be pulling a fast one on me.

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