a do it yourselfer

It is always a good feeling when an idea in your head pans out and the outcome is better than you expected!

dining room light

We bought these traffic lights on ebay. When “they” say you can buy it on ebay, you pretty much can! We wanted these to be some sort of art in our house but didn’t know where exactly. Maybe individual lights, maybe on the wall. We didn’t know if they would break when we drilled the hole in it to hang them (they don’t). After much thought we decided on a dining room light. Lumber jake who is also handyman as well rigged up the metal pipe and threaded the cord, placed the shades on and put the bulbs in. It went beyond my expectation! I love it! It also rotates so when I have the desire to move my table around, which happens often, and all you have to do is swing the light right of left, and it will face the opposite direction (he knows me so well)!

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