1/2 bath 1/2 finished no more

1/2 bath

1/2 bath

you would be right in assuming I have had it with tiling/grouting. Although I don’t do it all myself, thanks to lumber jake, I have about all I can take with grouting mosaic tiles with slate in them. They are now known to me as textured evil.
It looks fantastic in the end and I love it, but getting there included sore and soggy fingers, a few curse words and stiff legs. Now I can sit back and enjoy. I still need to get some an acid concoction to get some of the grout off the textured evil stuff, but that can wait for another week or month or year for all I care.
The vanity, we had make out of teak wood that I plan to put a bar across to hand a hand towel. I got our faucet and sink from the always low price, always low shipping overstock.com. The glass subway tile we got for a major deal in logan’s castalite. They were closing it out and it was exact color I wanted plus they gave us a better price on it to just get rid of it. Yay for us! I love it with the grey wall color.

We sent some finished pictures of the massive amounts of paint and finish work we have done to appraiser man and he said those would be good enough to close! No second visit from the fellow who turned us down to close in the first go around! It was a shock and a major relief! We should close with in the week, only three months past the goal date to close. I plan to sit and do nothing! Reading, enjoying our beautiful snowy view, sip something hot and not feel guilty one bit :) . Cheers!

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