collage wall

Displaying things you love on a wall in a collage can be tricky. You need the right size items to fit and you want them to fit together but have their own individuality. I had some help from to help me some of the items (one of my top 10 favorite stores). I was excited to find the cute little shadow boxes to display fragile things I love like the sea shells I got on a scotland shore there. I love these cute butterfly plates I found at and hung them on the wall with plate hangers, except the smallest one is hanging with a big piece of tacky eraser :) . I bought the old metal basket on ebay years ago hung it on the wall and placed my sticks in it to tie the wicker basket I wanted to hang.

a wall of interest

When hanging things as a collage on the wall, you hang them in odd numbers, it just looks better. The collage should go around the wall the an imaginary letter e (if that makes sense). I place them on the floor first so I can shift and change the items before I place them on the wall. Then you place the middle focal point on the wall and measure accordingly to place the other pieces. If this doesn’t make sense and it feels like I am rambling on, I attribute it to my exhausted state from trying to get our house ready for our friday appraisal to finally close our house!

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