lets be crafty

My craft room. This room has had many titles in the last 4 months. Living room/kitchen/bedroom and now it is the room where all the stuff gets put that we don’t have time or energy to put away.
Dear craft room, oh how I wish you were done.
We did get it one step closer to completion, I was able to talk lumber jake into putting our extra pickle wood up in my craft room. I love a wall with wood on it. Any wood whether it be new 2×4′s or this old stuff we had lying around. I might white wash it, or I might just leave it and wished it were white washed.
Every one asks me if I have an art studio, and yes I do, but it is also where I sew and glue gun and change decorations to my liking and where I wrap gifts, scrapbook and create. So although art studio sounds so much cooler than craft room, that is what we have always called it because I like to be crafty and I am not ashamed to admit it, so the craft room title sticks. One day (hopefully in the near future) I will create again.

pickle wood in craft room

ps this wall will also be an awesome back ground option for taking picture of my monkey’s

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