upper cabinets

sweet hinges

I saw metal cabinets in a home depot add and loved the sleek modern look it gave. These were not easy to come by, since home depot cabinets were a bit pricey and we had a custom cabinets in mind. We finally found a company who made them ( in all our chaos we can’t remember the company, it’s been so long), but we found them on the internet. They made the outer and we had to find some glass to put in it. We decided, when they were installed, it would have been cheaper to paint wood with the cool aluminum paints they have no days. We are happy with them though and I love to open them. The hinges are just cool and I love how they open.

We have more of the same hardware uppers in our computer area right by the kitchen area. I love the red and almost changed my mind about the aluminum cabinets, making the kitchen upper red too, but they were already made.

my red uppers

I love the red accents I have here and there in my house. I have more red accents coming. The picture below will have red chunky shelves in a few days (hopefully). Our main fireplace didn’t turn out as modern as I would have liked so we decided to make it more modern and put metal on the floor hearth and around the walls below where the red shelves will go. It is just screwed to the wall and I love it. It makes it more mod, and more to my liking

metal hearth surround

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