kitchen in detail…and my stairs

a continuation of my last post and then a new one below.


I didn’t want my last post of my kitchen to be so long, and plus I have 5 monkey’s so there is no way I can sit for that long and blog, so each day I will explain in more detail a photograph I posted earlier. Sorry if this is a pain.  If you look past the island hood there is a black cabinet long and skinny, that is chalk board. I wanted a chalk board in my kitchen, not only does it look modern it is functional, everyday my monkey’s what is for dinner. Everyday. My chalk board helps me with that, I list the contents of that nights dinner on the board so I don’t have to answer that question multiple times a day. I also love that if I am cooking and run out of something I get some chalk, right it down and then I know what I need. I just take a picture of the list on the board with my phone and then I have it for the grocery store.  I did it my self, so if any of you are interested in doing one of your cabinets.  I had the cabinet guy sand down the cabinet (you could do the sanding yourself but you will need a good sander and might have to go at it several times to get the varnish off) and purchased chalk board spray paint (or you can use chalk board paint). I  Sprayed a few coat. You need to spray it with the cabinet against a wall up right and not lying on the ground because the spray drips and will cause you to curse.  Wait until the next day to use some chalk to coat the board (going sideways with the chalk up and down).  Wipe it off and it is ready.

Right next to the chalk board is a appliance garage. We purchased this at Ikea and had our cabinet maker to wrap our cabinets around it (since it was just the door and didn’t have any sides). I don’t like a lot of appliances on my countertop so this houses my small appliances. It opens and closes nice and smooth.

My stairs
words to live by..

up the stairs

the landing

view from top of stairs

I knew I wanted words on my stairs. We made the treads out of glulam beams so I could paints them on. These stairs (our main stairs) I wanted something substantial. I debated what to write, it would be there for a while so I didn’t want to regret anything. I decided on one of my favorite poems. It is by Howard Walter called “My Creed” and each step fit a line of the poem and it. It was meant to be. I love the words of it and this is how it goes:

I would be true,

for there are those who trust me;

I would be pure,

for there are those who care;

I would be strong,

for there is much to suffer;

I would be brave,

for there is much to dare;

I would be friend to all-

the foe, the friendless;

I would be giving,

and forget the gift

I would be humble,

for I know my weakness;

I would look up-and laugh-and love-and lift.

I love it more each time I read it. The words are true and a good motto I wanted remembered in our home and each time I go up the stairs I get to remember it.

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  1. Emily Sim says:

    Your kitchen is so beautiful! And the stairs turned out very cool. I love the idea of using a poem that you love. Your house looks great. If we ever build again (please, no!), I’d better hire you as my design consultant. I was reading on a lower post that you haven’t found anything that doesn’t leave streaks on your floor. I use the wood floor cleaner (that you dilute in a spray bottle and spray onto the floor and wipe off) from Don Aslett’s. It’s called Clean and Brite Neutral Floor Cleaner. I love it. My floor always looks awesome afterward. No streaks, just a nice shiny floor. Don’t know if you have tried that! Anyway – the house looks fabulous. Nice work!

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