my eyes do deceive me

My monkey #3 and I look and think alike, sometimes when she is dancing around while eating dinner, bouncing up and down the stairs, screaming and yelling like she is being murdered, but actually playing house upstairs, it is hard to admit that point, but this post confirms that her and my imagination is similar.

The picture below shows a piece of paper hanging down off the deck, and every time I go down there to get firewood I see it out of the corner of my eye and jump, wondering what animal is hanging there…every time. You’d think I would learn or just pull it down so I don’t feel like a total idiot.

what kind of animal is that

This picture below shows some sort of print. I saw it while doing laundry, dropped what I was doing walked outside stared at it, squatted down taking a closer look, my brain churning to figure out what animal it was. Now living in the trees I have been a little nervous of bears, so this intrigued me. I went upstairs to lumber jakes office to have him help me out with this investigation. I walked into his office all in wonderment, which makes this whole story so funny. I said, “look at this, what animal do you think this is?” He looked out his window at the print and casually stated, “oh that was my handprint, I placed my hand there to get up on the deck.” All I could do was laugh at myself. Total me. And as I walked back down the stairs I couldn’t help but think, like mother like daughter.

what kind of animal is this?

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