the hunt is on

Oooo christmas tree

Every year we cut our own tree down. Can’t beat the 10.00 for the permit, lugging kids up the side of a hill, some crying some not, to find the perfect tree and sliding back down dragging the tree behind.
Every year we ask each other, “so should we get a fatter one, or a tall skinny one?” Then it basically comes down to what we can find or how far you are willing to travel through the snow. One year, I remember bro in law #2 threw up back in the woods and still he was willing to trudge along to find their tree. Well, you’d think we would learn, but every year we ask each other. The difference in our conversation this year was, “we can go tall!”.
So we did. The tall and the skinny…

the final pick

On the tippy top of our tree the star tips to one side, like the ho’s down in ho-ville. And I like that a lot.

ps It was brought to my attention it is who’s in who-ville in which my spelling brings in a whole different meaning to the who’s in who-ville. This is classic me, so I left it up to give you all a good laugh at my expense.

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2 Responses to the hunt is on

  1. Emily Sim says:

    The ho’s down in ho-ville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of ho-ville, did not… You are right. It’s a whole new story :)

  2. Jake says:

    Yes, little Cindy Lu HO just doesn’t portray the essence of cuteness and innocence that is Cindy Lu Who….

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