these make all the difference

We take our knobs pretty serious in our house. Door knobs, cabinet knobs are a very important statement and can make or break your door or cabinets. Take for example, brass should not be anywhere in the house. Lumberjake can go into full on hour conversation about the importance of your knobs. We, of coarse, got ours from A very informative site that can give you help in all your door knob needs.

kitchen cabinet knobs

kitchen cabinet knobs

We got the kitchen drawer base knobs only, the uppers are a different style and haven’t come yet. We had a hard time decided on the style of the doors so they got ordered later. I love these drawer base pulls! I am so happy to have them since I kept bruising my fingers trying to open the drawers day after day. Now I don’t have to cringe putting dishes away, and bonus, they look sweet! Thanks!

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