and the winner is…

Our countertop debate is finally over and I have most of my kitchen installed. We choose quartz, and so far, no regrets. I love the white modern look and it has small flecks of light shades of tan her and there. We have a raised bar coming for the center of the island, that is why not nothing is there. I hadn’t realized, when I came up for the idea I had for the island with having it raised in the middle, that it would cause so much trouble. Countertop owner wasn’t on the same page while we were giving instructions we discussed it back and forth for close to an hour. I wanted just an upside down u shape piece, a darker color, raised a bit higher.
Well the next day countertop owner called lumberjake (hubby’s new nickname) and said he has been thinking about it all night and at midnight it finally clicked.
However they were unable to make it in time.

nougat quartz

nougat quartz

I was worried about having a white top with kids and all, but I have loved it so far. It wipes nice and clean, hasn’t stained, I haven’t tried putting a hot pan on it and I don’t think I will, just to be safe. I absolutely love the modern look it gives.

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  1. Emily Sim says:

    Yea! I love the light countertops. It’s all coming together so nicely.

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