i DID NOT see that


At 6:55 am coming back from dropping the monkeys off at the bus, I heard a gun shot, well maybe not a gunshot, just me hitting a post with my passenger side mirror. It just came out of nowhere! This is a result of having to much on the brain. My brain is overloaded with life right now I have a hard time paying attention. Sometimes I have no clue when someone is talking to me. I space out thinking about everything stressful in my life right now. Sister in law (whose bday is today so happy bday to her) twice has done this. She will say a whole sentence and wait and I am starring off into space, I didn’t even hear a word.
I woke up the other day thinking, praying, please no bad news today and the first thing out of hubby’s mouth was, no countertops this week. It has been like this the whole time building this house. It is why is has taken us 1 year, 4 months a couple weeks and a few days…and counting to get it done.
On the good side we finally did get our hardwood floors finished and we moved somethings into our house and monkey #2 was giddy when she said, “it is starting to feel like home.”
This house is different than all my other houses we have built in the fact that I haven’t hung anything on the walls yet. Jump back, I know. That is uncommon for me. I usually no where I wan’t to put everything even before we move in. I have so much on my brain that I don’t even want to think about that yet. Plus we don’t have all our belongings here. So I will wait. Just being able to look into the old family room and see a couch and a few pillow and a blanket is all I need right now. Well maybe a sink and some countertops would be nice, but hey I am trying to stay positive!

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  1. Joanna says:

    ouch! It’s okay…I’m not even stressed and I ran a red light the other day after Darin and I went to the temple. Maybe I was too relaxed! Anyway your house looks amazing! Your sense of style is awesome. You should go into business when you are done with your house! We sure miss you guys though. It just isn’t the same without you here!

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