metal roof…half done +rain and melting snow=leakage

half a roof...done

Half the roof is done, however, the other half isn’t done and leaking. Our master bedroom, half bath and hallway are leaking. The roofers didn’t show up two days in a row last week and that didn’t help with our rain and snow situation. We have a coffer ceiling in our master and the water is soaking up the wood making it soft and they drywall is staining and softening.
The roofers finally showed yesterday and we explained our problems. They roofed the leaky parts and with the rain today, we shall see. The metal roof is a medium grey color and I like how it looks.

I feel like a balloon having it’s air leak out and withered on the ground. This project, one problem after another is wearing on me. My brain hurts, from problems with the house, making decisions on what should we do here or there, the subs not showing up, living in a small space with 5 kids, the messes, living in boxes, not being able to find anything (where did the dang broom go). The mice (we have trapped 2 more making the total 12 and last night I saw another one)! I have been stressed since 2005. Six years of stress is wearing on my body. Granted the last year has been our choice to build, but it was not our choice to wait 6 months just to have a porch cap poured or to have our subs just not show, to hove our roof leak, our phone line bust, having to get a bigger water line and list goes on. Although I am so very grateful for this beautiful house, and just wished it would have gone more smoothly.

On a good note, I have my treadmill up and have been running. It is too muddy to go out our driveway…it has no concrete just mud. So I can run inside.

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  1. Becky Hull says:

    Stress is a literal killer. Do what you can to unwind. Take a few minutes when you feel overwhelmed and do some deep breathing and picture yourself in a calm beautiful location. It will lower your heart rate and help your body better be able to process the stress. Too much stress can equal huge health problems. I know that stress was the trigger for my MS. Take care of yourself. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for a minute and sit on the floor, do it. You need to.
    P.S. (Remember my mice infested Clinton house? I still have nightmares about living there with all of the mice. I feel for you.)

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