I have a sink!

Our plummer was busy today giving us some faucets and the best part of all a sink with a faucet that works!

my first sink

we have found some really cool heavy duty faucets and sinks at overstock.com or o.co (if you are just to busy to type in the whole address). Kraus brand has been an awesome nice quality product, if any of you are in the market for faucets. This sink and faucet was purchased there and shipping is still only 2 bucks. Can’t beat that!


Plummer didn’t get to all our fixtures in our master just this one (double shower heads is awesome in a master bath). These we purchased from moen.

jack and jill

I have never had oil rubbed bronze anything. I decided to try it out on this bath because of the tile color and the wall color. So far I have liked it, fun to have something different. I have liked have a shower head the detaches so you can wash down the tub while cleaning, it also moves up and down for height differences. I wouldn’t have minded just having that as the regular faucet, but I guess hubby decided to do both.

the big bath

Monkey #3 and 5 have a bath to share and as you can see monkey 3 has already moved in. That is her school bag and she has a set up of books and trinkets on the side of the tub to have school. She is pretty excited to have her bath done. We just need to paint it!

Today we woke up to this….


It snowed all day today and we have about 5″ total, and it is still coming. The first snow of the year is alway fun for me. I enjoy it, I just hope it won’t delay the siding (who will come next week) or roofers (who by the way work one day and then don’t come the next).

another piece of good new is this…

a painter has arrived

Our window and floors are masked, our beams and pickle wood ceilings have been coated! It is coming, I think it is a good sign they have come two days in a row!!

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  1. Emily Sim says:

    I’m so excited to see this in person! It is looking great. And, of course, since we haven’t seen it in over 2 months it looks like TONS has been done, where as for you living there it probably seems slow. So sorry to hear about the well water. We have been thinking about digging a well because our water is seasonal at our cabin and we have to store a whole bunch to use in the winter. You’ll have to tell us how to go about it. We are probably coming up next weekend. We’ll try to stop by if that works for you guys.

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