ragnar gal pals 2011

julia-goolia, hot mama, and cakes

We had a great time running the ragnar. We had an awesome team! We laughed, we had a few kills, and we had the best driver a team could ever have (thanks for the laughs hubby). If you would have asked me if I would run it right after I finished (I was the last runner) I would have hesitated with my yes. I now wish I had a team for next year. It was a lot of fun with no sleep and a lot of jokes! I trained really hard for it and loved running on my treadmill (I know I am a freak). Now that the weather is chili and there is no amount of clothing I could put on to run outside, the treadmill will be my only source of running so I was going to throw out a tip that I learned about the treadmill. Anytime you run on the treadmill, never run at zero incline, it is like you are running down hill, you will burn more, and be ready to hit the road better come spring.

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