a few pics

I took a couple photos of things around the trees.

fucsia weed

This is a weed abundant on our property. They are really pretty cool, vibrant color, but don’t get near them, they are prickly big suckers. Tall and covered with pricks, not one spot on it isn’t covered with them. But the color is so cool I had to photograph it.

vintage playset

When we bought the place it had this grey old wood play set and I have always thought the color was cool and I wanted to keep it, but after all the construction it isn’t as sturdy as it once was. I love the old weathered look, I may have to save the wood and make some frames out of it.

We are enjoying the simple life, however it is more driving and days goes by faster. We always find ourselves having to drive to town for something we forgot and it takes a good twenty five minutes there and back, and sometimes I do that twice a day. That has taken us some getting use to, but once our house is more livable I hope to not have to go in everyday.
Those darn mice, we have got to get rid of! It ran back behind the back of the couch, on top, right by my ear last night as I was reading, twice, and then ran across my pillow last night at midnight. Freaked. Me. Out. I flipped it across the room and my heart was beating pretty hard which made it hard to fall back asleep. They are getting friendlier. Augh. I saw four last night and it creeps me out, so this is war!! I got some traps, and just as I am writing this (at the in laws) a cat walked by with a mice in its mouth. I stated, “that is what we need right there.”

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One Response to a few pics

  1. Charly says:

    Ok mountain woman, I think that’s nuts and disgusting and so so terrible! Mice are not my friends. They gross me out. And that would have just made me scream and run and yell and spin and pat my head and rub my stomach over and over. And then it would be off to the looney bin for me. you are strong. I… am not. You should get a cat, I agree. I hope things get better for you, and those little buggers leave!

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