coolest framer finishes up

I’ll bet the coolest framer is glad to be rid of us, after a year he is finally done. He finished the angled beams and he finished our back deck and he is outta here. He did such a good job and I can’t thank him enough for what he did for us. It was weird to come and see the camper trailer, his work trailer and the fork lift thing-a-ma-jig gone. Weird in a good way because he is done and that means our house is further along.

angled posts

The back deck was already on the existing cabin but as it was connected to the cabin it basically had to be torn out and redone. We wanted our kids not to fall through. Coolest framer was tired of waiting for the concrete man (don’t get confused with concrete dude, he is out of the picture) to come, so he poured those concrete tubes himself. We have the decking material and now will add that on our list to do before it snows, I am told by our neighbors (yes we have neighbors, 3 miles down the road) it usually doesn’t snow until Nov. There is so much to do my head starts to hurt if I think to much. So I will just enjoy the things that are done.

back deck

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2 Responses to coolest framer finishes up

  1. Joanna says:

    Stacie, I am so glad all is going well “up in the trees”! I hope the girls are loving school and I hope you are finding enough things to cook in your crockpot. I have a great little cookbook called 101 things to make in a crockpot. You should order one, it has some yummy dinner ideas! I’m sorry I didn’t get up to say goodbye before you left the other day. Good thing I know you have to come back! We miss you guys and hope that life is a little less stressful that now you are all together!

  2. Keri says:

    I am so glad things are moving along. The house looks AMAZING!

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