we’ve got a PO Box, it official

yee haw

Today we move. It comes with mixed emotions. Excitement, sadness, stress, happy, and not believing the time is really here, but then just wanting to start the new life in the trees.

All my kids have been born (all for the exemption of one) and raised in Cache Valley. It has been a great place to live to raise our family, we felt much much love in all trials we had here and for all the good times we shared. You have left an imprint on our hearts forever and we will miss you.

When I was a young girl, my dreams were to come to this Cache Valley. It was so pretty and had so many activities outdoors, the Wellsville mountains being one of my favorites, it felt like coming to a different world when I would visit here. And now is time to leave it. We are embarking to a new adventure and am excited for that, but sadness fills my heart to leave here, this place I always wanted to live in. We have so many memories here, so many people we love. You will be missed.

Star Valley is the new chapter in our life, it is where we need to be. We will be utilizing it’s wonderful outdoor activities and meeting new people and growing as a family and making new memories there. It is a beautiful place to be, so if ever you friends want to visit, our door is open to you. Seriously ;) ;) !

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  1. Katie Stokes says:

    I know I haven’t seen you in like 12 years, but we will miss you guys! How exciting for you and your cute family to start this new adventure…I’m excited to watch your blog and find out all about it. Good luck!!

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