wow… that is a lot of paint

Me, hubby and father in law did some caulking and painting while the kids were playing at cousins. We got 4 rooms caulked, prepped and painted, floor to ceiling! We were up at dawn and there till midnight. I love to paint, not to prep. Prepping was the worst part. The caulking, and filing nail holes,the taping of hinges and doorways and masking tile floor. I do know how to paint with out taping all the trim off so that saved us some prep work, but we did it so we could hopefully get carpet in there to have something done to move into. It is going to be interesting. We move in a week and we have no kitchen, or bedroom or front porch, or siding or roofing. Half the hardwood is layed and four bedrooms painted, and 1 and 1/2 bathrooms is all we got.
We have no where for our stuff. The garage needs to be drywalled and that is not done so we are not putting it there. Half our life will be here and the other half in Star Valley. It has been beyond stressful. But this post is not meant to focus on the negative, it is the positive I want to post. These four bedrooms, ready (well besides carpet that is).

monkey 1 room

monkey 2 room

monkey 4 room

an added strip in the center(darker grey color) will finish off the strips. It still needs to be done. It just doesn’t look right, it needs a little somethin’.

mama's craft room

The tile isn’t really that shiny. I put on some serious acid on it to clean up the grout haze. Delightful, but potent stuff. Down below I cleaned off the mosiac tile in my boys room and you can see how well the stuff works. Nice and clean!

before and after

caulking manicure

who needs to pay for a manicure when you can just do some caulking for two days straight?! It hurts, especially on the textured ceiling!

paint swirls

I see art in everything I do. Here I was cleaning out my orange brush in pink stained water, it swirled around and turned into a pretty cool design that I could use in a future painting.

Well enough posting, I have packing to do. Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt. I had some wonderful helpers sent from heaven today to help box up parts of my house. I am very grateful, since I don’t have family around to help, it was much appreciated!
I have my bro and sis in law to thank for keeping my monkey’s, making sure they were feed, clothed and crafty.
I have father in law to thank for his handy spraying abilities while I played yatzee on the iphone while I waited to roll any drips or spits. Ha ha! And mother in law for letting us borrow him.
There is no way I could have done all we did alone! Kisses to you!

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  1. Charly says:

    That picture of your craft room does not do justice of the beautiful color it is. i’m so glad i got to see your amazing home. it looks incredible! how fun will it be when you are finished! :)

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