no rest for the home builder

We are constantly thinking about house colors, house products, concrete, cabinets, tile and the list goes on. Even on our day of rest are minds are churning.
So while (semi) resting (haha) I happened apon this picture and it was magic. We have been in a debate for months and months about the exterior of this house. We have colored our house plan multiple ways, talked about different products and haven’t come to a final yes we love that until today. We both loved this house and it’s colors. and it compromises to both our wants.
I love the contrast of the colors, I wanted lighter colors and Hubby wanted darker colors. So this has both. I love the colors with the back ground of the trees and snow, so since it is our type of scenery, we are going to try for a look similar to that, oh and one accent color of olive green. It is a huge, HUGE check off from our list.

This week Hubby had cleaning up duty at the house. We need to fit room in for our hard wood to acclimate, and with our garage not being done at all, we have no room for storage, so all of our finish work wood has been in the house. He also cleaned out a trailer load of gross old insulation that was in the basement, from the old cabin.
He killed two birds with one stone by putting up more pickle wood above the stair case (right next to the dining room pickle wood I posted a couple days ago), which helped to clear out that wood to make room for some other wood.

handy hubby

Hubby has been complaining about his arm and shoulders hurting. He says to me, “I just don’t know why it hurts so bad.” However if you look at this picture, and he has been doing that for two days straight, it might give us a hint as to the reason.

It looks really… really good, so it is worth the pain.

I took a day trip up there on friday and we went to the rodeo. Rodeo’s are always a good time in my book, and I think monkey#5 agreed. It was her first one, and I think she just might be hooked!

can you say rodeo

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  1. jake says:

    that’s actually Spence on the ladder, he did most of the nailing while i did the cutting so theoretically he should be in pain not me. Must have been the pallets of tile of those 8′ tall solid core doors that did it to me…

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