What? Seriously?

The stress of building this house, has sucked the fun right out of building this house. We are beyond frustrated. On monday of this week we woke up to rain. We were suppose to get concrete and get our water line buried and phone line reburied oh and since we haven’t been able to get anyone to come to put on a metal roof for us, and it has rained a ridiculous amount this week, our ceiling is leaking and are now needing to have the drywaller come back and fix the ceiling.
Every time I talk to hubby there is something else and every time I talk to him I said, “What? Seriously?!”

We are trying to not get to frustrated but hubby (and I) have resorted to a few not so nice words to describe our current situation.


All we can control is what we are working on at the house.  Finish work.  Here are some pictures of hubby and his bro’s labors


These sweet beams are above the dining room up on the second level, they will have pickle wood joining them, very soon.

added touches

Monkey 2′s room, hubby is pretty handy with the tools.  And bondo.

You know how else is handy?  Brother J, the handyman.  We got our doors and he installed them all, except for the ones the company shorted us and the ones (well 7 of them to be exact) that were damaged.  They were still installed but we have to replace the doors, not the jams.


Oh and electrician man, you shouldn’t charge us the Hilton rate when all’s we got is the motel 6 accommodation.

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