There’s a lot of tile goin’ on


suspended hallway

Hubby has spent the weekend and will spend the next week working on our house to get stuff done. It is down to the wire and we will be moving in a month or so! Crazy! Obviously it won’t be all ready, so we are trying really hard to get half of the house done to move in. Tile has been on the agenda this week. I wish you could see how cool the tile looks in person, I guess you will just have to come visit :) .
I am going to be loving doing me some laundry in there!

the tool

This picture either makes ya want to go lay some tile, or get a big glass of water!
I wish I was there laying it down, but having all my five monkey’s, it makes it hard, they have activities to go to, doctor’s apt’s, etc.
Hubby is meeting with the new cabinet guy (our other cabinet guys were to slow and they were too pricey), the roofing man (finally), and the welder. He met last week with the rock layer, and we are excited to see how that turns out (outside and in). Let’s get this done!

Monkey #4 misses his dad everyday (and so does wifey)!

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  1. Keri says:

    The house is AMAZING!!! You are right that the pictures do not do it justice. You have all done such a great job with the design. I’m thinking of applying for a job to work in Jake’s office:) Good luck with the next few weeks…

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