be careful what you say

loving life

Monkey #2 enjoys life. She is grateful to be alive. Her bout with cancer has helped her realize the beauty in being able to do the little things in life.
Although the bout with cancer was hard, we had a lot of blessings and we grew a lot. The other day I was talking to a friend and happened to say sometimes it is nice to have something hard in life so you can grow and get those blessings. Well I spoke to soon because a few days later we were in the hospital and my sweet monkey’s face looked like this

dang shinges, chicken pox and infection


It is the worst case of shingles the doctor had ever seen. She was miserable, sad and we had de ja vu of our life with cancer (since we were admitted to ICS, had to get another picc line, and had the same nurses). Although I knew it wasn’t as serious as it could have been it still struck hard and I realized that maybe it was too soon to have another trial such as health issues. And she couldn’t attend her favorite camp hobe, camp for cancer families.
We worried, since the doctors her in our town had no idea what it was, “It was out of the line of expertise.” one said. We worried it was back, the cancer she fought so hard. With having TBI (total body irradiation) there is a chance she can get another cancer. It was a long drive to primary that day. Both me and hubby didn’t acknowledge our fears. When we got to the hospital it must have been the worst case most of the doctors had seen, they were getting more and more doctors wanting to take a look at her. We had, at one point, 6 to 8 people packed in the ER room. It was a crazy time.

Her medicine she has been on a lot caused her to have shingles, and her bone marrow transplant (since it was cord blood) not realizing she has had chicken pox already gave her the pox when she got shingles. She has low IGG levels so she couldn’t fight the infection that accompanied it.

Today she is getting better, she still has pain and is itching like crazy. She is a little swollen still, so her medicine is continued, we hit a bump in the road (one she didn’t want) and continue on.
She note to self, be careful what you say.

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3 Responses to be careful what you say

  1. Melissa Eskelson says:

    Dang…that looks painful. I feel so bad for her! What a scary experience! I am glad she is starting to feel better. She deserves good days from here on out! She has been such a trooper through all her trials. She is an example to all of us. I marvel at her positive attitude and endurance. She has taught me so much…you all have! So glad you are my friends!

  2. Emily Sim says:

    Wow! Now I feel bad about telling Chloe that Ken had shingles last year – they weren’t anything like those. Man, I’m glad she’s getting better now.

  3. Andy says:

    Man Stac… so sorry to see all of this that she has had to go through again. I had no idea this was going on.

    She is such a trooper. I hope she’s out of the woods with this.

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