Easter 2011

It is funny how kids learn from an early age what candy is. Monkey #5 is not slow on the take when it comes to what you get from a bright colored wrapper that crinkles (dang you delicious twix, whom I could eat all day dipped in peanut butter).

layla likes a the candy

She is diggin this easter hunt thing. Our little neighborhood had an egg hunt (thanks Callie). They were filled with delicious candies, and besides the November temperature, it was a good time (don’t let that sunshine in the pics deceive you). Here are a few pictures of the fun.

crazy els

It would not be a party without this little monkey around. She is my bundle of happiness, hyperness and stressfullness (I will have to explain in another post).

a hunting we will go

Monkey # 4, with his big bogg boots (that he wears everyday) and his camo bag, he was ready. Maybe a little too ready, he kept stashing more candy filled eggs into his bag than he was suppose to, so I had to keep rehiding them. And he had the record time of all his candy gone in 10 minutes!


Monkey #2 is a buddy to all my kids. She has a special relationship with each member of our family, and she has the cutest crooked smile.
Monkey #1 is quite a stinker when it comes to the camera. I can’t get that girl to take a picture. Darn her!

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