Mr. Dumpty

humpty dumpty


I have painted murals on several walls for people in their houses and  also in my own home.  I had a vision of this one in my head one night and  painted the famous humpty dumpty.  It was pretty big, his head was as tall as my head at 5’4 and was down in the playroom in the basement for my monkey’s.   This picture makes me smile now when I look at it because after we moved from this house, monkey #2, who had slept down there with her sister said, as we looked at past pcitures that she was soooo scared of Mr. Humpty, she would run staight to her room and could not look at it for a long time (she was 2-4 years old when we lived there).  She finally was able to brave him after she got use to him.   It cracks me up because I meant it to be fun and playful and encourage reading,  it was bright  and colorful and had a huge smile, but scared the bajebbies out of one of  the little ones for whom I did it for.

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