"I didn't do it, he did"

It is always quiet when something naughty is going on.  This (above) is what was going on when it was quiet the other day at our house.  Of coarse monkey #5 is innocent in all of this, she can’t open a bottle of gold bond bum powder all by herself and dump the whole bottle on her head.  No, she had help from her brother, who had seen me put it on her other end.  He must have gotten confused which end it goes on. 

 Her face in the picture is priceless, it says to me I didn’t do it.  I remember reading the paper on sunday’s in the comic section as a young girl, the family circle comic.  It always had the mom looking down at the mess on the floor or wall or brother/sister.  The quotation always said, “I didn’t do it.”  This happens a lot our house.  That saying “I didn’t do it”  is as common in our house as please pass the juice and a lot of the time the mystery is never solved.  But the day this mishap happened there was only three of us home, and since I know which end the powder goes on, only leads to one other person.  My boy, the messiest of children, he can make a mess in two seconds flat.  After I snapped the photo I picked her up and found out how much of the stuff he had dumped on her.  I laughed as I looked at her hair line and the powder flitted up into the air like smoke, and as I proceeded to wash it out in the sink, it turned into a nasty paste which took a few times to get out.  

Now this sweet monkey # 5 is not as innocent as her blue eyes look.  Recently she has decided, as she is quietly playing her crib on the verge of sleep (so mom thinks),  to take the contents of her diaper and proceed to smear it on the crib, sheets, wall, clothes, hair and ears.  Three days in a row she has pulled this trick, and I am not a fan.  Nasty.  I am trying to figure out her bathroom schedule to make sure I can change her before naptime.  Today it worked.  The contents were cleaned out before her time to nap.  Whew.

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  1. Joanna says:

    The poop problem stinks….no pun intended. Luckily I have never dealt with that one before, but I hear that if you duck tape the diaper and put a onsie on them before nap time, it can help….at least slow them down!

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