suspended hallway

the hallway

it's suspended

with big windows!

This is our hallway going from the house to garage that we have been waiting for, for months. In the middle picture you can almost see it is suspended. Minus the snow, it will have a 5 foot clearing to walk, run, slip or slide through. We were worried about snow melting and having no where to go. The ground slopes down to the house, so we would have some big puddle issues. What better solution than a hallway letting the snow river down to the back of the house when it melts, plus it looks pretty sweet. All the windows are floor to ceiling and will have these lights to hang down inbetween. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I wish I could go more often to see it, because some days it doesn’t seem real, that I am deciding these ideas for someone else. Next time Jake goes I will go!

Our electrian is a great guy, and he does a great job. He charges us a trip fee everytime he has to go up there and he needs to finish the wiring for the hallway. Well the hallway isn’t quite done yet so we told him to wait to go up until coolest framer finished up, so electrian doesn’t have to go back, charging us two trip fees. Well I guess he didn’t seem to get the message Hubby was telling him. He has decided to go up anyway and see if he can finish up. (how can he finish when the hallway isn’t quite done, I ask). I get he has other jobs going on, but if he doesn’t get finished, then another trip fee will be added to the bill, which we wanted to avoid. I don’t see how he is going to get it wired when coolest framer isn’t coming back until Monday to finish our hallway. hmmm.

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2 Responses to suspended hallway

  1. Mandy says:

    AHHH, I love it!! I seriously can’t wait for the tour! You guys are doing such an amazing job.

  2. Thanks for making such a killer blog. I arrive on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here! You are great!
    Harry // Cross Channel Ferries

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