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I tried to download the proof the concrete for our garage was actually poured (can I have a halleluja),  but when I downloaded them it only downloaded half the picture  (I don’t know why that is). 
We have the electrician to check off our list (except to come install light fixtures).  Hubby is up there as we speak running some wires (to save money) for his network cables and an intercom system we plan to have in certain rooms.  I told him before he even decided to run these wires, that he wasn’t allowed to do live wiring.    He is his fathers son, so since his dad almost burn down his barn doing his electrical, I said um….maybe not such a good idea working with the live wires then.  He assured me it is not. 
I still haven’t decided on the countertops, I don’t know why it is that if hubby isn’t fully on board with an idea I have I toss it around in my brain over and over, second guessing my choice.  We have time for that luckily. 
Our suspended hallway from the house to the garage…check.  Our coolest framer  came back yesterday and today to punch it out and get it done fast for us so we can insulate.  Drywall in hopefully 2 weeks.  Hubby walked out the door on his way to our house in the trees yesterday, and said this is getting old already and we haven’t even started finish work!  I agree.  We may have to hire some help casing our 90+ windows.  Yikes! 
My light search is still on.  One of my lights I did get got sent back, it was not the metal I was expecting. It looked cool but when we got it it was metal with black stripes on the metal. That was a no. I may need a storage unit to store the lights I am buying here and there. I have a kitchen sink in my entry, two facuets, another sink, and 6 light fixtures in my garage and another light came today. So, the ceiling light for stairs…check.
We have a lot to think about and alot of coming and going, but I can’t help think I am so grateful he isn’t having to leave, taking our daughter to the hospital on another week or three stay at Primary Childrens. I think of our stress then, how it wasn’t our choice, and I think of the stress we have now, the choice we did make. It helps me keep sane, and I just remember everyday our stress could be worse and we are so blessed to be building this house.

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  1. A very informative blog. Very well done. Thanks so much.

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