These are the two contenders I have been debating.  Concrete vs granite, in the kitchen.

I like my countertops, like my man, low maitenance.  Where I  love the look of concrete,  I worry our relationship will just be strained, always having to seal and protect it from oil rings, stains from juice, cuts and dings. Kids are dirty, they spill and cut right on countertop all the bread and cheese they have the munchies for.   Granite isn’t the modern sleek look (depending on the slab you get) I like, however, it is less maitenance. 

I have checked around and people who have concrete in the kitchen, after 3 years or so say it looks bad, stains and dings. I don’t want a strained relationship with my counter, I want us to get along since our relationship is planned to be long term.  I want to be in this house a very, very long time.  Hubby has left it up to me, which is very suspisious.  He has loved to be a part of this whole house, but the countertops are my decision.  That can only mean one thing, I must be leaning toward something he is in disagreement on.  We both agree though, it is my kitchen.  I spend the most time in it, preparing lovely vegetarian dishes, breads and yummy peanut butter bars, chocolate chip cookies and whatever my monkeys sweet tooth is after. Even olive velvet cake (haha).  I have yet to make my decision.  I want everyone happy, but if mom is happy isn’t everyone happy :) .  So we will see.  I have a few weeks to decide.

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  1. Barbara Salisbury Hartmann says:

    Hey Stacie,
    I saw your dilema regarding countertops, and was wondering if you’ve ever looked at Silestone. That’s what we put in our house. It has the look of granite, but NEVER needs to be sealed. We’ve had ours 5 years and it looks as good as the day we got it–and I have boys!! I love ours!! Thought you might want to consider it. Let me know if you’d like some pictures of ours, and I’ll send you some.

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