pretty little flowers

I had some felt, and an idea. Here is the outcome of my pretty little flowers.

pretty little flower

Aren’t we always taught to share? These are so fun to make so I thought I would take that mother advice and share how I make them. I hope it makes sense, because I am told my brain goes faster than my hands (and mouth) so a lot of what I say is not understood :) .

the tools

You need:
Felt, you can use any color or texture of felt.
A trinket for the center if you choose
Circle templates ( you can use anything round in your house)
needle and thread
glue gun
pencil to trace circles
hair clips

different size circle cut outs

A circle templete will help you with cutting out the circles, I also used the ribbon spool to trace a bigger circle, or use something else you have that is round. 

Cut the amount of circles you want, making each one gradually bigger than the first.  My biggest one was snow white, below, of 10 circles and the smaller 5 to 6 is the red and orange ones below.   The more you have, the puffier they will be. 

cut slices

On this perticular flower I cut slices toward the center of each circle, not all the way, just make it so you have a half inch or so in the center for the thread. If you want a scalloped edge (see red flower and orange down below) you would take the circles and eyeball a scalloped edge. You won’t want to make the scalloped edged circles the same, it will look better when you place them on top each other if they are different.

felt dividers to add some puff

You will want to add some dividers to add some puff. Cut a square piece of felt and add inbetween some layers. I don’t use them on every layer. If is a bigger flower I add more. If it is smaller I use one or 2. If I don’t want a lot of puff, don’t add a lot, but you will need some. You can add more puff if you need to toward the end if you find it just isn’t puffy enough, it is easy to do.

a needle and thread

Take your needle and thread, once you have tied a big enough knot at the end. Pull it through the back up to the front, and then front to back. Repeat. Then pull the thread tight. Repeat. Pull tight. The more you pull the thread through, the more you can puff the flower up (see snow white flower below). Once you get your desired puffiness, this is when I decide if I want something in the middle or not. Also this is the time when you can add more dividers to create more puff. Then you decide if you want something in the center (or if you have something already planned) you thread it through now, if you have somethig to hot glue, that will come later. Pull tight one last time and tie the knot.

tip: when you are threading, it is better to space the thread coming up through the back to the front farther apart, it makes pulling it easier (if that makes sense).

hide the thread knot

Cut yourself a rectangle size felt to hide your thread.

finish it off

Glue some ribbon on the outside of your clip, glue the clip on the felt ,turn it around fluff it up with your fingers, and you have yourself a pretty little flower. Sometimes at this point I do want to add something in the middle, so if that ever is the case with your pretty little flower, glue gun your trinket in the center.

snow white

scalloped orange

red texture

old fashion green

you can wear them on a shoe

They are cute on sweaters, and your hair and if you make two the same super cute as shoe accessories. Just make sure when you glue the clip to the flower with it’s flat side out.

Happy creating!

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  1. Kelly Louder says:

    Love them!!!

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