how I feel this very moment

We were suppose to have concrete poured tomorrow in our garage foundation, but we’re not. It is a long story between calling concrete dude, concrete company, a blizzard of snow dropping 6 inches snow and hubby being up there since friday trying to get this done. He wasted his whole day today on the phone. I will not bore you with the details, or else you all will feel like the lady in this picture.
If I feel like this lady in the picture, just add a hot iron on top of her head sizzling her brain(and make her a he) and that is how hubby feels right now.
I know when hubby is frustrated when he tells me,”I was so mad, I almost swore.” He never swears, but only one situation, besides a certain developer we know, could make him say a swear word and that is this @*#! concrete situation. After 5 days of being up there trying to get the concrete poured,the results are no concrete with be poured tomorrow like we had scheduled.
All we want is some concrete.
I guess I will lose myself in a good book.

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