play room

I am glad my kids love to play. They play with each other with cars, dolls, legos, dress up, coloring, and school are some of their favorites. We had some cool ideas come about in there playroom once the house was framed and we could see all the nooks and cranies in the beams.

play loft

The ledge up above, by the window is a space they will be able to climb up with a ladder we will build and have play time up there. I don’t know if we are doing a slide down or not, because of the fact I have always wanted a swing, attatched to a beam for my kids to play on. There are just too many things I like and it is hard to decided on one final decision. This problem has existed in the house decision process of the entire house. We have had to pick and choose, and hopefully won’t regret the things we give up, or choose. It is ever stressful.

play ledge #2

Down below the play loft we decided to keep these curved beams and not cut them off. We are going to have a sitting/play area up there, we are not quite sure how it will come together. We are still in the what should we do here stage of this area. We could put a slide going from the upper loft to the lower loft. So many decisions, so little brain cells left :) . No I really love doing this, the only problem I have is we have too many things we would like to do and what to have the final decision makes my head hurt a bit. The one thing I know I want is the cool wall paper . You just stick it on, and your kids can draw a new picture in each frame. I really like this idea, kids love to draw on the wall anyway so if you can’t really stop them, let them have a place where they can. I know the trick will be teaching them only on this spot, but since all the other kids will be drawing here maybe that will entice my little boy to only draw here (I can hope right?).

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