it’s coming along

I think I might be inspired by this view

WOW! I came into my craftroom and was almost to tears when I saw how beautiful this view is! I might not get alot done, I will want to look out and see all the changes in color of the scenery when the seasons come and go, and the beautiful sunsets (although I am bad with directions, and have no idea if that is where the sun will set. Help me out hubby).
I must say I am pretty excited about it!

sideview of stairs

The beams are done! They turned out so cool. One even has a sticker of a fire extinguisher on it, I love it! There is only one red one, which I wish there were more, but over across the dining room (where the trash bags are) we are going to have a big barn door and it will be red. Our beams we decided to have some light sconces come out of the beams, it is still to be decided on what lights to go there, have I mention how expensive lights are (wow) I have only bought 5 lights and I am past our budget from our first build 12 years ago. I was tricked by my loving hubby on that experience though. He told me a waaay cheap budget so if I went over a little we would be ok. I got the cheapest lights I could, spray painted them so they looked stainless, painted some and didn’t go over my insty buget, and then he comes and tells me I had some cushion on that budget. Oh well, I had to be creative and I like that. I am still on a mission for some lights, my mother in law came across this cool light website it has some cool unique lights, plus the website if fun to look at!

reclaimed beams, done.

We are having to shovel snow out of our house. There isn’t just an inch or two as you can see below. It is almost 5 ft of snow in our climbing room, and our storage room. They shovel it into a wheelbarrow and haul it out the door, but out the door means up a hill of packed snow outside, so hubby has to get a run at it to dump it. I am tired, just talking about it.
Our climbing room is going to be cool. It is a two level square room that will have a climbing wall on three sides. I am going to need it to destress myself when this is all done!

shoveling snow...inside!

My nice father in law came to help out (so nice) and he is very understanding of our stressful situation. I think they have build 8 homes!
I had a stressful weekend. Hauling the kids for a quick over nighter. Why can’t all the kids just be excited as we are. (cough,oldest one, cough cough). And monkey #5 decided she wanted to scream most of the time. How nice.

Our concrete is sceduled to be poured on tuesday, whether or not concrete guy shows up. He says he will, but, I don’t know about him.
Concrete guy got upset when we sceduled someone else to come and over see it. We told him that as far as we are concerned his forms are ours because he left us high and dry. He got angry at us, when he is the one who bailed. humm. So hopefully we put fire in his britches to get it done. He said he didn’t want anyone else using his forms so well see and we are the ones who scheduled the concrete and whatnot, so he better be there. We will have a gargage finally on tuesday, but whether or not we have to pay someone else and be proud owners of concrete forms, is to be decided.

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  1. Tal says:

    Your house is looking saweet!!! I can’t wait to hang out there and eat some nice, big juicy steaks and some caramel brownie!

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