thank you Stephanie Meyers

twilight series (team edward:)

I have never read that much.  I did read, but I didn’t hunger to delve into more and more books, that is, until I was in the hosptial with Chloe after her BMT with GVHD, Graft Verses Host Disease.  It is when the body regects a transplant.  A little GVHD is a good thing so her body could get immune to it, but her was getting worse and going into her stomach.  So much so she was told she could only eat 5 things total.  I was sooo frustrated, anxious and worried her body would just give into the GVHD and the transplant would fail.  I will not even talk about the effects THAT would entail. 

I had heard about the Twilight series.  Something to do with vampires?  I wasn’t into that.  But while I was in need of an ecsape. Heck, I had a whole week in the hosptal, so I tried it. I was engrossed in the story right off, I was so glad to think of something other than what I was going through.  I was in the hospital with Chloe a week and finished the whole series!  I was reading about Bella and Edward fighting the flaming redheaded vampire when I had to leave the room so Chloe could get her 6th, or so, pic line in.  I just read and read, didn’t put it down, unless chloe needed me of coarse.  That story helped me in so many ways.  I picked it up at night when Chloe was snuggled in asleep, when the doc’s had told me earlier in the day GVHD was in her stomach eating it away and had to go off solid foods and milk.  When she was napping during the day I picked it up not wanting to do this anymore,  4 years of this!!  I thought after she had the transplant it would just be over.  Her transplant would engraff and smooth sailing ahead.  But some of the hardest stuff happened after the transplant.  Her feet would turn bright red, burn and she would scream at night.  She would get bloody noses that would last hours.  Her finger nails feel off.  Her leg hurt from being in a bed so long and limped and couldn’t run.  Her skin showed signs of GVHD rashes that were red and pussy and she cried and cried, so when it went into her stomach, and I was told what possibilities could happen, my brain couldn’t take it.  I was thankful for the story I could plunge into, to take me away from my reality, so it helped me to be hooked on reading.  I love books and the world they take me into.  Reality isn’t always fun,  I am cheesy in the fact that I need happy endings.  I can’t read books ending sad, and the reason being is the above description of the summer after her transplant when my body and spirit were hurting from the effects of this disease of cancer taking a tole on my family and mostly my daughter.  So thank you to Stephanie Meyer, who let me escape from my pain and let me dive into a world that wasn’t my own. 

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  1. Karen R. says:

    I just read this! Your story of Twilight is the same as mine. I took it to Hawaii for something to read, not really interested. Day 2 in Hawaii when we found tumor #2 and had to spend a lot of time in the hotel with Marcus, then in the hospital when we got home, I dove into it head-first! Completely trying to get away, as far as I could. Amazing that a simple book could pull us both through some rough times! Especially when I hadn’t ever read a book that long since…. ever.
    So glad to know I am not the only one!

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