tic tok

I am getting a little anxious. The concreate dude is on my list and here is how I imagine our conversation would go:

me: so we need a garage, how bout it?
me: we can’t do electrical work without the garage, or finish framing or get our hallway to the house from the garage, or get the drywall done because the electrician need to do his work cause we do need electricty!

dude: well I am in Mesquite, Nv

me: Mesquite, Nv!?!

dude: yeah, I am trying to get a job.

me: A job? dude, you have a job here in Smoot Wy, remember?

And then maybe I would pour on the tears and make him feel really bad about my kids needing a home and he isn’t making that possible. Think it will work? A probably not. I was telling my monkey#1 about the dude and she got up from the dinner table calling him a female dog (not the word for it mind you). He’s just a female dog, she stated. Do I have a child old enough to know what that is? She IS 12 but to me she will always be 6. I laughed. So as of now, the dude said he would pour and not charge us labor, and that he is just waiting for the weather to warm up. hmmmm, I don’t believe it.
So here are somemore inside pictures. It has been a crazy week. Hubby went up and ripped off another roof came home sunday and heater guy called monday and needed to meet him up there to give us a bid, so he went again. Took monkey# 4, thank goodness and had a fun time driving tractor.

reclaimed beams

Above is a  pic of more of the reclaimed beams,  I think there are going to be eight in all, I am not sure but this is looking into the kitchen/ greatroom.

kitchen ceiling

Here is the ceiling in the kitchen. The steel beam will be exposed and so will the curved beams and we will have some sort of reclaimed wood siding inbetween the curved beams. Maybe it would be better to show these pictures when they are done, but not much is happening with the rest of the house, well progress you can see anyway, just more interior walls going up, so I will post again when it is completed.

dining room windows

This is the view out our dinning room. It goes up to the second level and I am wondering about window coverings. Maybe the trees will be our window coverings. I think my brain is full to the max most days, with all this house building stuff.

So if you do see our concrete dude, tell him I need to have a conversation with him! I keep telling hubby to tell dude he is going to sick his frustrated wife on him (ha ha).

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  1. Z says:

    Sounds like you need an attorney.

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