the old roof

We always new the roof in the old cabin was to be torn off so that our new addition would be added, but we always debated whether to rip off the sides of the roof where my craft room and the masterbed would go. We were going to leave it 8 ft ceilings, the cost of already doing the wiring and some of the drywall was brand new, but it would be nice to have them 9 ft. Oh the joys of what to do. We decided finally to just do it, and it is a good thing too. The electrical was chewed from animals, it was only half way insulated on the walls and my craft room floor? Not even nailed in, just floating! I could have had some amazing artwork I was working on :) and just when the masterpeice was complete, the floor could’ve caved in on me and diseasterous recults would have accured. How would we know that floor was not nailed in when they tore off the roof? I have no idea. But it was figured out the weekend Jake went to rip off the roof.

who needs a ladder!?

We decided to save some money and do it ourselves since our concrete guy is still deciding whether or not he will show up and pour and do free labor. We just don’t know.   So here is an iphone picture showing Spence, my awesome bro-law, helping us rip off the roof.  Husdon helped too and is now referred to as a work horse!  They worked so hard shoveling 5 ft of snow ripping off the metal roof,  waffer board and insulation (what was there) and roof joist’s all done with 1 can of fresca!  That is all they drank all day.  Spence came home with headace, vomitting and other dyhdration symptoms and Jake although didn’t throw up his lips were dry and pretty much felt like crap.  So now he is up there today ripping off the masterbed side and I sure hope he learned his lesson in the hydration deptartment.  Moose (our family dog) is along for the trip, hope he doesn’t chew the nailer hose.

pssst: we are not going to talk about who wanted to buldoze the house down ;)

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  1. jake says:

    hey now, didn’t we agree to not bring up the bulldozing anymore?

    crazy how tall our snow banks are. At the eave height there that bank is about 10′ from the actual ground level. The house will be so cozy.

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