bring outdoors indoors

get yourself some twigs

I love bringing the outdoors in.  Decor with some hints of nature is a very good thing in my book.  Cut off some branches in your yard, or if you don’t have any trees, take some from your neighbors or cut some off from a near by park, they won’t have to pay the guy in the big machinery to do as much :) .  Twigs are easy to come by and if it isn’t a brandnew tree, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Get yourself a supstancial vase to place them in and either place them with some decor balls, or sand or they can even stand alone.  The cool thing about doing this is when holidays come around, they are an easy display of hanging christmas balls, hearts on Valentines, easter eggs at Easter, paper jack-0-lanterns at Halloween.  You just hang them on the smaller branches or if you get quakies they have little buds that hold up the tiny string or hooks.

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