The England’s in England….and Scotland march 2013

I love to travel. See new place, see the way other people eat, live and talk. We were lucky enough to go back to one of my favorite places and bring our three oldest monkey’s with us. It was hard to choose photos because we went to some cool places, and it would be way to many to show, so here are a few and they are in no particular order because that is how my brain works.

we brought the snow!

we brought the snow!

I guess it hasn’t snowed in Scotland (like this) in 10 years and who better to bring it to them than us Wyomingins? We turned a lot of heads when we went places. We went along with Lumber Jakes bro and his family of 7 and then plus us equals 12. We got a few dirty looks, but I just smiled and waved cause that is how I roll. This place was the Marriot in Edinburgh, Scotland (fancy).

smoked salmon, first taste of raw fish.

smoked salmon, first taste of raw fish.

On the royal mile in Edinburgh there is not only a place that sells fudge doughnuts (inside joke) but we discovered the Craig N Tale. Yummy food. It’s gotta be good if I ate raw fish and liked it. I am a hard one to please when it comes to fish.

glen coe one of the prettiest place on the planet.  scotland

glen coe one of the prettiest place on the planet. scotland

This is a favorite destination for me. Glen Coe, Scotland. Beautiful. Peaceful. And the new James Bond movie drives through this area so it is pretty much famous.

manchester united

manchester united

I absolutely loved going to a football game in England. I wish you could hear the fans chant their songs in their British and Scottish accents! I had a smile on my face the whole time! I kept saying, “what did they say?” and was told pretty much you don’t want to know, it is most likely R rated (and set to nursery rhymes).

westminster abbey

westminster abbey

We were a little late to witness the Royal Wedding. Hmmmm really would have loved to see posh spice’s fancy hat….and maybe her fancy hubby (haha just kidding lumber jake). But we got a shot of these two princess’s.

the uppity harrods

the uppity harrods

We go to Harrods for the food. Weird I know. It is the first department store with uppity rich folks coming and going in their fancy cars and furs. But the food court is lovely. Although with all of the kiddo’s waiting around for everyone to decide on what to get they got tired and tried to find a spot to sit. Everywhere they put their bottoms they got in trouble, so after everyone had selected we put our noses in the air and went to eat outside.
The food really was worth it.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

We climbed a long Hadrian’s Wall in head wind and froze our faces off. They are triumphant because it was so stinking cold. My monkey’s were troopers. They were just glad to be there, didn’t complain and went along with all the hikes and cold.



York has some cool shopping and I always find unique items here. They have a cool cathedral there that has, I don’t know how many steps, but a lot, to get to the top and look around. We did it, it was cool. My legs where like jello.

harry potter cathedral

harry potter cathedral

This cathedral was in the Harry Potter movie, we weren’t allowed photos inside, however, sneaky lumber jake took out is camera, acted like he was looking at his other photo’s, took a picture (not a very good one darn it) and I think Scotland Yard may be looking for him.

you gotta drive on what side of the road??

you gotta drive on what side of the road??

Lumber Jake is an excellent driver…in the USA. Not so much in the UK. I think we almost got in three wrecks and was able to pull off a five point turn in the middle of an intersection on the royal mile. People honked. Teenage monkey got red in the face. I, however, laughed.

good indian cuisine

good indian cuisine

They had a yummy Indian restaurant in Manchester, we needed to fuel our belly for the event of the day, going in to buy our Manchester United gear. It was ridiculous! We had to wait 15 minutes to even get in the store because it was full to capacity. It was wall to wall people. Crazy.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

We touched the nose of the Lion and Trafalgar Square in London, so it is said if you do you will return. So here is hoping.

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self combustable sink

It was a quiet afternoon. All my monkeys were obediently doing as mommy asked them. One was crocheting my new oven mits, another one was reading a story to a younger sibling, the oldest one was sitting doing her homework and my son was not fighting or biting or teasing, quietly playing with his trucks (does this sound familiar,haha).Yeah, looking back this senerio was happening in my imagination. We hurt a loud crash. We all said out loud “What was that?” We all ran towards the sound to find in our half bath our glass sink self combusted.

self combust

There was glass everywhere, in the toilet, which was easy to clean, just flush. But however big chunks, little chunks, pieces of chunks sticking together. Finger cuts, toe cuts. It was not pretty. I am still finding glass behind the toilet and in the heating duct.

a sink no more

In all reality we are grateful it happened because water would leak down the sides of the round glass bowl (who knows what my kids do when they are washing their hands) and as you can see when all the glass was cleaned up it ruined our wood countertop. We weren’t happy with the sink and wanted to replace it (because you just can’t replace your kiddos for cleaner ones now can you). Plus having the sink see through make the problem obvious. is a pretty cool place, awesome suppliers and customer service. We were able to get a new sink replacement. We learned our lesson and choose differently. I am pleased.

new sink

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jump back…I updated

Welcome back to me. This blog thing I have gone back and forth on multiple times but since I am updating y’all know where my decision ended up…for now ;) .

We ended another successful year of school. Our weather is cooler in the June month than most so while other kids are rockin’ their summer already my monkey’s are still sitting in school pretty much doing nothing. Getting their days checked off.
I hope to give you more of our life in the trees but for the most important part of my life in the trees are these monkey’s so here goes…

sweet laylers

3 1/2 years old

Our last monkey is sassy, sweet and speedy. She hopped on the honda 50 motor bike (while training wheels) and there was no stopping her. She speed off hollering a loud yeeeehaaaawwww! Funnies thing ever to see her with a big helmet, glasses and the most serious face you can imagine speed like there aren’t any cars, trees, horses or fences in the way. Too cute!

5 1/2 years old

my next youngest monkey is hitting his tease the girls, I will beat my competition, and show off stage. He loves pedal bikes and will show anyone who wants to his jumps and his wheelies, more pics to come of that. So cute! He knows how to ride that bike. As for his honda 50 motorbike (with training wheels) he finally sat on the bad boy without crying and rode it around and now we can’t get him to stop. He doesn’t want to let go of the training wheels until he went to church and told his friend he rode his motor bike asked his friend if he had training wheels. Well the friend said he doesn’t need them so my monkey came home from church and informed his dad that he need to go to cousins house (because the have more flat ground and no trees) so he can NOT have his training wheels. A friendly bit of competition never hurt anyone, right. He will make his dad proud with that comment.
ps he is a juice addict and is constantly starving!

10 years old

my next monkey had a piano recital and her piano teacher introduced her as her most energetic student she has had and plays better when her songs are update and fun. I was not surprised. We put her on some medication to help with her energy, it is fun to just be able to love her and not get after her All. The. Time. She even notices a difference if she hasn’t taken it. She say’s it makes her more shy. Well I can’t complain to that when she is always chatting it up with all the workers that come to our house, and may I add all aren’t that clean. So shy is good with her. She will be having “fun” in summer school. She is not looking forward to it. I am hoping it will help.

12 years old

next… she has had a great school year this year involved in a musical, winning the presidential award in academics and has a pretty good future in writing, anything. She even has a pen name, clovis megilicutty so in the next 10 to 15 years or so look that author up. She is still the sweetest thing. Her health is awesome and we will go to her yearly checkup this summer.

15 going on 18

My oldest monkey, the one that makes me feel so much older than i am because can I really have a 15 year old when I am only 22. ;) She cannot believe she has to wait until her junior year to date and drive. Little does she know she can’t date until she is 30 and she will be driving and driving and driving running all my monkey’s around and running my errands for me, so maybe she shouldn’t be so deflated about it.
She ran track and is a sprinter and will do it next year too. Her memorization skills are fantastic earning her an A in her geography class that your suppose to take as a junior but wanted to get that class out of the way.

We are having a lazy summer just trying really hard to ride a motor bike with skill. My first ride I got four bruises, two bumps, did a unskilled wheelie into some trees and almost peed myself once. So I will just say I have some work to do.

wishing I could ride as good as my lumber jake

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Happy V day!


Because its valentines day I decided to post my latest art piece. Happy Valentines, and hope you feel the love!

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please and thank you’s

wonder boy

A super hero to me is a boy (or man) who is kind and respectful to the ladies. And it gives me, as a mom, pleasure to hear the manners come out from all my kids but especially when my boy monkey holds the door open for sisters and even for his mama, and says, “Ladies first.” It is so sweet and my heart fills with happiness.

potty training

And it fills my heart with happiness when my little one shows her manners as well, sitting on the toilet at home or in the store restroom and all is quiet while we wait for the action to happen and a toot comes out and she quietly says, “scuse me.”

nice stache

This monkey is alway grateful. Never does she miss the chance to thank me for all that she gets to do in life. Even go outside to play she comes in and says, “Thank you for letting me play outside.” It makes my heart happy for one: that she can go outside to play, and two: that she recognizes it.

wow! we look alike

And nothing gives a mother greater pleasure than to have a teenager be grateful for the clothes that she wanted and received in a shopping trip with mom. Or to be thanked for the many miles we drive her back and forth from activities.

ps this is the picture (above) I realized people really are correct in saying,”you guys could be sisters. You look so much a like”.
However I do say she is much cuter ;) !

my wild one

My monkey #3 may be my wild one but she is the first one to take the little monkey’s and go play house or go color, or play school or church, and to a mom who has five monkey’s and need time to away from little ones to get house clean is a life saver, and much much appreciated!

My kids showing their manners is one of my favorite things and so I will use my manners to say “Thank You” to my kids for it!

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this is how we bring in a new year

Happy 2013. It wasn’t a big gradios party this year. Just low key and family, its what its all about. I always have a breakfast at midnight so we had the doughnuts and the ho hash (a breakfast of potatoes, some sort of pig product, cheese and eggs). Then we went to bed, because i am surprised I made it that late. I am not a night person.

BMT birthday #5

This year is monkey #2 5 year Bone Marrow Birthday. It was a milestone we have been waiting for. At the five year mark the percentages of her cancer coming back drop dramatically, like from 50% to 10%. She has been waiting to celebrate this milestone. We also have been going down to primary children’s for regular check ups, blood counts and evaluations every month for almost 6 years (some a of the check ups were every three months). It has been 8 years since original diagnosis and 5 1/2 since relapse. So we are in constant knowledge of were her counts are, how she is doing, what to expect. We were told the other day when we called forgetting what day our apt was for this month. We were told that they would just see us in August and then yearly after that.
What? Say again?
I don’t know how to feel about this. We have always been in the know of her counts, and having a child that has relapsed makes me all the more nervous.
I feel excited! She doesn’t had to be poked all the time. We can save money and go on a vacation with the money we will save from gas, hospital bills, labs etc.
I keep thinking it has been 5 years, this is a good thing, but in the back of my mind, what if is does come back. So this news is a bit of an emotional happy….nervous….jump for joy…..bite my nails.

are those monkey’s in there?

We have been staying more in doors since it has been so cold. However the inversion is not a problem here and so to be able to watch a movie on the iPad, my monkey’s have to tent themselves from the bright sun.

monkey is 12

Monkey #2 also turned 12! A big young women now! Getting to wear a bit of make-up and do things she has been waiting and waiting to do. Such a fun age.
Lumber Jake warned me about his thoughtful gift monkey #1 put together for her letting me know I might cry. He was right, how sweet is this! Proud mama moment.


We ring the new year in with a new dog. Bruiser is his name, and cute is his game. Man he is so fun to have and pretty smart. He is a yorkie mix and I am told by our vet his daddy might be palmeranian? Who knows, but having two dogs is way easier than having 1. They keep each other company. We keep this one inside, much to my hubby’s chagrin. He has held off for 16 years of not having a dog in the house, so now it is my turn. Very kind this hubby of mine!

hope in 2013 all your wildest do come true…for real!

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let’s paint…and then paint some more.

I welcome myself back to the blogging community. I debated back and forth wether to continue blogging or not and this is the reason there was a lull in my posts. The debate is over and now am back, ready to give you updates in our life in the trees, and it won’t surprise you that I have been painting. Rooms that is.
My living room didn’t feel home to me until I put some serious lush of a color on my walls. Lumer Jake came home to the color and said it feels like our home now. The richness of the color next to the red shelves, and couches I have makes me feel cozy. And with the weather we are having up here in the trees (just last week -21), cozy is needed.
I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to some good paint. I hate watered down paint that you need three coats to make it look right, and that is what is in town. So I have to go to the next town. I tested it out with this richness and approved.

living room

love it with the red

one scary wall to paint

This wall was a bit scary to paint. It is tall, and I am short. But I love a challenge and it is hard to tell me to wait until hubby gets home to help me. Ahhhh, not going to happen. I figure out a way myself. I want to get it done. I get me my ladder and extended it to the longest it will go and still have to reach my short arms on tippy toes to get to the blasted trim. Thankfully no falling off, or tripping down the ladder occurred. Yes I did say a prayer :) .

the old switcheroo

I am a glutton for punishment, I always tell myself. I add more stress to my day than necessary, so this weekend was no exception. Monkey #4 never sleeps in. My girls get up at 6 in the am to get ready to meet the bus and a few minutes later monkey 4 strolls in. This is much to my dismay. So we decided he needs to go upstairs with monkey #5 to sleep. Hoping to change his sleeping habits. So his room is now monkey #3′s and of coarse I have to paint it! So the grey and orange and brown striped walls are now a girly pink with butterflies as per request of my girly girl. We are still not all moved (the clothes are the worst part). So far so good. This morning he slept in until 7:20! wahooo. Hubby is skeptical it will last. We shall see.
What can I say, I love change.

ps just for you mandy ;) miss ya!

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there’s something in the air…

It is christmas in the air.
I love christmas. The funky collection of christmas songs on my iPod, the twinkling lights, the thoughts of giving and the wonderful present of all Christ, our Savior. One of our traditions is we have one gift under the tree in an envelope for christ. Every christmas eve we open it, read what we promised Christ the year before of something we would do better in the up coming year, write a new gift, seal it and keep for next year. It is fun to read and see how we did.

stocking hung with care

This year I had to purchase new stockings. We were short one, since when I purchased the last ones we were only planning to have 4 monkey’s. I could sleep, rub my face on them, cuddle up in a ball and shove myself in them they are so cozy. Who needs a mantle when they fit awesomely hung with our red barn door as back drop.

oh christmas tree

Monkey #4 really wanted to put the star on the tree this year. And so he got his wish. While setting up the nativity we tell the story of Jesus, then when it is time to talk about the star in the sky telling the wise men of His birth, we place the star on top. Daddy and son, cute boys I have!

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happy to see

I noticed when my last monkey was born that her eyes didn’t quite focus all the time. I asked my wonderful ped. about it and said not to worry, she passed the test when she was born. However it didn’t really get better. I would be changing her diaper and her eyes would go opposite directions and take a minute to resume their position. Monkey #2 had a lazy eye and had surgery and glasses when she was 3 1/2 so I thought I would keep my eye on it (no pun intended).

She got older and both her eyes seemed to wander. I got many comments about it and I new I needed to get her into see an eye doctor. But here was the problem. Monkey 2 and 5 look a lot similar, both have had eczema, both have problems with their eye sight, Monkey #2 was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after she had her eye surgery and got glasses. It sounds silly to say out loud that I was nervous, but if you have never gotten that kind of news, you just don’t understand. I didn’t want it to follow a pattern. But I finally did it, and was glad that it didn’t follow the same pattern as monkey #2 in that monkey #5 has not had to have surgery. I caught her eye sight a lot younger and hopefully with wearing the glasses longer it might correct it. Although in the back of my mind a little worry is still there, she looks so stinking cute in her glasses that is eases the worry just a bit.


First day wearing her glasses made her a little nervous. Just getting use to being able to see I guess threw her off for a minute but by the next day she was asking to put her glasses on.

happy to see

happy to see

In our church, her nursery leader made the comment to us that ever since she has worn her glasses she is a different little girl. Before she would sit in the corner, not playing with toys and not saying word. Now that she has her glasses she plays and talks with the other kiddos which is great and a little bit sad to me to think she just couldn’t see. I always joked about #2 and how she would always run into walls and then come to find out, she needed glasses. Now monkey #5 can see and it has opened up a whole new world for her.

She sure looks stinking cute in her yellow frames.

ps we found a website to order glasses It was a lot cheaper there than the other place we have gotten glasses in the past before (standard optical), and they came pretty quick, and just the same good quality!

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happy hallo-giving-mas!

Our life in the trees has been filled with lots of fun these past few weeks so blogging has been put on the back burner. Because of this I have decided to combined a few holidays into one big blog.
I love this time of year! Happy to see the leaves change color, and I didn’t shed a tear when the first snow hit. I was actually excited about it because the outside of our house is done.
It was a record warm up here in the trees so even thought we don’t get any trick or treaters we dressed up and went out to some houses. Yes, we did have trunk or treating at the church, but that is just not a favorite thing for me. I still want to walk in the cold temps going house to house and enjoy some hot cocoa when we get home.
My monkey’s love to dress up for halloween and I don’t mind it either ;) .

chloe – patra

dark princess the elselator

spider man, spider man…

cutest bunny… since kiddos 1,2 and 3


What is funny about this costume is the only thing I had to buy for it was the killer eye lashes!

Thanksgiving was delightful. You will always find oh so good food at mama carols and teamed up with good company and a good game to watch on TV, lovely.
The day after thanksgiving we always go out in search of the perfect tree and then we always get it home and say, “hmmmm it looked fuller in the mountains!” But that is what we like about it, all the many unique trees we have had through out the years. Some more unique than others. When getting our tree, it is always just me and lumber jake since our monkey’s are off playing with cousins eating snow, being pulled behind some sort of off road vehicle, or dancing trying to catch snow flakes with their tongues (when it is snowing, that is).

lumber jake in action

I adore christmas. I love to decorate for it, love the funky christmas playlist I have accumulated over the years playing in the back ground. The eggnog we drink while we adorn the sparse branches of our freshly cut tree. We get together and tell the story of Christ in the manger while we put together the wooden manger and figures we display for this time of year. And put the star on top of the tree of the sign of His birth. Traditions are one of my favorite things.

I love christmas

fury stocking we hung with care…on our barn door!

Our mantle would burn our stocking so we thought of the next best place to put them, our red barn door! I love everything about this. We had to get new stockings cause monkey #5 came and she didn’t have one so can you believe this nice fluffy stockings were only 20.00 at Restoration! Love them! Lumber Jake’s and mine are on the way since I loved them so much!

I always try to get done with my shopping early so I can enjoy and not stress, so I am proud to say I am done with shopping and now can just sit back and relax while I enjoy the season.

Happy Holiday’s, ya’ll!

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